An extensive feature by Bayarhuu Batbayar covering INTENSE in the local newspaper (Ховдын толь, No. 1 (282))









OSENU: PhD courses on the Precautionary Principle and the Nature-Based Solutions at Odessa State Environmental University








OSENU: Monitoring Mission by NEO Ukraine and a Steering Group meeting in Lviv










Mogilev training info on Khovd University web: Нэг ч сэтгэгдэл байхгүй









Budapest training info on NUM web: 2018-10-15








Budapest training info on Khovd University web: Нэг ч сэтгэгдэл байхгүй









Kharkiv V.N.Karazin National University (KKNU): A Seminar on Nature-based solution







KKNU: A Seminar on PP







OSENU: Summer School in Belarus on Nature-Based Solutions for Smart Cities








OSENU: INTENSE project meeting in Kharkiv, 26 July 2018









OSENU: Summer School in Budapest on Sustainability Transition and the Precautionary Principle








OSENU: ‘Education and Career – 2018’ in Kyiv. The visitors had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a presentation and a banner reflecting the 586471-EPP-1-2017-1-EE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP project objectives








OSENU: INTENSE Kick-Off Meeting in Vienna









CEU: 2018 The Precautionary Principle in Sustainability Transitions: Thinking forwards, Looking backwards, Acting









International Conference, organised by the School of Ecology – the platform for presenting and discussions (Kharkiv, April 2018)







Conference for Young Scientists, dissemination activity among MSc and PhD students (Kharkiv, Nov 2017)








Taliev Readings – INTENSE project outomes presented – thanks for great work done! (Kharkiv, April 2018)








Presentation of ERASMUS+ INTENSE project on the XIth Congress of the Ukrainian European Studies Association (Oct.2017)









A nice feature in a Tartu daily about our project!










University Press Release is at the website of Estonian Life Science University. We were at radio news dozen times a day!







Our summer school on nature-based solutions and smart cities (Mahiliou, Belarus) covered by the major Belarusian information agency










The INTENSE workshop and summer school on biodiversity governance and nature-based solutions is on www of St.-Petersburg State University that had sent several speakers to both events









Our summer school on nature-based solutions in smart cities (Mahiliou, August 15-26, 2018) covered on local media:








The project info on the www of Odessa State Environmental University