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Topic Content:

CONTENT: This knowledge area is intended to be at the introductory level in a curriculum and to provide foundation skills for subsequent courses. It provides an overview of the discipline of IT, describes how it relates to other computing disciplines, and begins to instill an IT mindset. The goal is to help students understand the diverse contexts in which IT is used and the challenges inherent in the diffusion of innovative technology.

LEARNING OUTCOME: Students will be able to reinforce their basic knowledge of their own and secondary educational basis of the computer, and to eliminate obstacles to post-secondary education and to eliminate lingering students. By studying this course, the student will have the following knowledge and abilities. These include:
●	Discover the basic concepts of information and communication technology.
●	Analysis the internal system of the computer system.
●	Apply knowledge of computer structure, memory, and input and output device.
●	The knowledge of the type of operating system and will be able to work entirely within the Windows system.
●	Learn to use common applications be used to document processing software, spreadsheet software, and presentation software.
●	Summarize the basi