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Subject name: Advanced web programming - Back


Topic Content:

This course will cover web programming full-stack development technique, MEAN stack framework, JavaScript patterns, front-end JavaScript framework AngularJS, use of JSON for data processing, document database MongoDB, Single-Page Application (SPA), Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, RESTful web service, secure delegated access mechanism for web systems OAuth, secure web content using HTTPS, security in web programming for preventing XSS, CSRF attacks, and introduction to the Semantic Web.
•	Explain MEAN stack framework components and developments
•	Design web application architecture
•	Explain web framework techniques
•	Develop web applications in MEAN stack framework
•	Develop Single Page Applications (SPA) via AngularJS framework
•	Develop server-side web applications by Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture
•	Analyze SPA, MVC web applications
•	Design and implement JSON data format to transfer data between client and server
•	Develop REST web service on ExpressJS framework
•	Implement HTTPS protocols in web applications
•	Examine and evaluate secure environment of data transfer in web applications
•	Develop web applications that prevents web attacks such as XSS, CSRF etc.
•	Impl