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Subject name: GAME PROGRAMMING - Back


Topic Content:

This course will introduce the student to techniques and tools used for all aspects of programming games. Topics will include game graphics, game physics, game artificial intelligence (AI), and sound. The course will contain lectures and hands-on labs. The course contents will cover game design, C#, XNA, game graphics, core mechanics, game physics, sound, AI, gaming platforms and frameworks, advanced topics.
●	Students will discuss the concepts of game design and development.
●	Students will design the processes, and use mechanics for game development.
●	Students will explain the core architectures of came programming.
●	Students will gain experience with XNA.
●	Students will become proficient in C#.
●	Students will gain knowledge of methods necessary for game programming.
●	Students will experience working on teams on a significant software project.
●	Students will complete a game.