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Topic Content:

In this course, students develop small web projects as working in teams in order to practice of web programming and database system courses. Firstly, students will design database for selected web projects and implement the design into a Relational Database Management System. Secondly, students will work on the web interface design and will do coding for the program.
•	Formulate user requirement for database systems
•	Design database model with Entity-Relationship Model and draw its diagram
•	Install relational database management systems and implement relational databases
•	Design web layout, user interface and HTML content
•	Develop front-end web applications in JavaScript
•	Define and explain web programming techniques and implement patterns
•	Analyze HTTP request and response and implement custom data transfer via HTTP
•	Implement simple 3-tier web application architecture
•	Write SQL commands and statements, and access database from web applications
•	Introduce and present web application project
•	Work in a small team developing web applications