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Subject name: 2D/3D MODELLING - Back


Topic Content:

CONTENT: This course surveys how to create the 3D object, computer graphics and modeling. Introduces students to the study of 2D/3D, their characteristics, difference and the method to convert the 2D into the 3D, brief introduction about the program”3D Max”, creating an object using the basic tools and lines, standard and simplified objects, objects to be used for an architecture (woods, plants, stairs, doors and windows) and their characteristics, about parameters. The course surveys the method to make objects using Mesh, the weight and volume of 3D objects, surface parameter of center of gravity co-ordinate and defining the inertial moment. The students will have the knowledge of surface modeling, illumination and shade, material and illustration, effects, the stuffs of MAXScript, editor, debugger, written style, objects, outer and inner convertor, functions and the structure

LEARNING OUTCOME:  By studying this course, the student will be able to:
•	Apply knowledge how to create and model computer graphics and 3D objects.
•	The ability to use the modern computer software to graph an object in a 3D plane, and it can be used independently.
•	The ability to make a 3-dimensional body using MAXScript.
•	The ability to