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Subject name: Information System risk management - Back


Topic Content:

An introduction to the management of information systems and information systems risks; risks associated with business and project management; identify risks in information systems; analyse risks; risk assessment; risk determination; risk level matrix; description of risk levels; risk mitigation options and strategy; risk control; implementation of risk management


  1.     Understand the information system risk and recognize the purpose and needs for its determination, mitigation, and evaluation;

  2.     Identify and interpret the risks in information systems and risks associated with business activities; 

  3.     Identify, analyze, and design plans for the potential risks that may occur in the information system or may affect the performance of the system;

  4.     Develop the risk management plan for an organization's information system and implement risk management, if necessary;  

  5.     Understand and use the standards and documentation on information system risk;

  6.     Implement risk management plan and review the current information system risk plan.