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Topic Content:

Course Learning outcome
After the course, students should be able to implement an interface, or to be a part of the interface design team in a qualified manner. They should be able to understand the requirements and specifications for the design as well as to understand the user. They should be able to design prototypes and come up with methods and criteria for evaluation of the design. In other words, students should have the basic knowledge which they can expand towards becoming a designer, programmer or usability engineer for development of modern ICT-systems.
The HCI concept of the user interface. The following learning objectives illustrate the six levels of mastering this concept.
CLO 1. Recall. ‘‘De?ne user interface.’’ The student is expected to recall memorized information about the concept.
CLO 2. Comprehension. ‘‘Explain what a user interface is.’’ The student is expected to explain the concept in his or her own words.
CLO 3. Application. ‘‘Identify the user interface of your car.’’ The student is expected to apply the concept to a particular situation.
CLO 4. Analysis. ‘‘Analyze the user interface of the selected system or device.’’ The student is expected to separate materials or concepts into component