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Subject name: CYBER SECURITY - Back


Topic Content:


This course will introduce main concepts in cybersecurity, and specifically: information and risk; threats and attacks; cybersecurity architecture and operations; secure systems and products; and cybersecurity management.


Students will be able to:
- understand that information is vulnerable to threats in systems
- define the concepts of confidentiality, availability and integrity as they relate to information security
- typical threats, attacks and exploits and the motivations behind them
- high-level understanding of how example attacks work (e.g. DDOS, phishing and buffer overflow)
- differentiate between controls to protect systems availability and reliability; controls to protect information; and controls to manage human behavior
- describe defensive programming and cite examples such as input checking
- identify common trade-offs and compromises that are made in the design and development process
- describe the various tools that can be used in cybersecurity management
- demonstrate awareness of ethical concerns