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Subject name: Software Project Documentation - Back


Topic Content:

Upon completion of this course the students will be able to:
•	Should be able to know basic terms associated with system, project and task orientation.
•	Should be able to understand the type of users and the psychological differences between them.
•	Should be able to construct a task list for a project.
•	Should be able to learn the type of documents we produce and the what kind of users they use such document. 
•	Should be able to differentiate between the different types of each document and the kind of elements that compose the document.  
•	Should be able to understand the user analysis, planning interviews, and learn the rules when interviewing users.
•	Understand how to start the project, and set up plan for that 
•	Understand the importance of reviews, testing, and editing.  The rules for each of them and how you schedule them and with whom.
•	Understand and create a table of contents and match the user analysis with the document design
•	Create a thumbnail sketch as the first step of laying out pages and screens.   
•	Understand the importance the “getting the language right”  on   the document usability and acceptance by the user.   
•	Introduce graphics to the document and understand the effectivenes