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Topic Content:

 Key terminology, basic concepts, and common practices of software engineering economics (Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Cash flow, Decision making process, Valuation, Inflation, Depreciation, Taxation, Time-Value of Money, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Productivity); Life cycle economics (Product, Project, Program, Portfolio, Product –and Project Life Cycle, Proposal, Investment Decisions, Planning Horizon, Price and Pricing, Cost and Costing, Performance Measurement, Earned Value Management, Termination Decisions, Replacement and Retirement Decisions); risk and uncertainty management (Goals, Estimates, and Plans, Estimation Techniques, Addressing Uncertainty, Prioritization, Decisions under Risk, Decisions under Uncertainty); economic analysis methods (For-Profit Decision Analysis, Minimum Acceptable Rate of Return, Return on Investment, Return on Capital Employed, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Break-Even Analysis, Business Case, Multiple Attribute Evaluation, Optimization Analysis) and practical considerations (The “Good Enough” Principle, Friction-Free Economy, Ecosystems, Offshoring and Outsourcing)