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Subject name: E-DEVELOPMENT - Back


Topic Content:

Content: Knowledge based society and Information Communication Technology development (ICT); current statte of ICT development and its trends; ICT development index; ICT development of the World: use of ICT in other countries; ICT development in Mongolia (ICT policy and regulation, Infrastructure development, Internet development, fixed and mobile communication, radio and television etc.,); ICT for Development; e-governance; e-commerce; e-learning, online services; Use of ICT in education, taxation, insurance, customs etc.,


1.     Obtain the knowledge of the development trends of information and communication technology (ICT), and the role of ICT in social and personal life;

2.     Review, evaluate, and summarize the level and current state of the Mongolian ICT development;

3.     Conduct comparative analysis, evaluate, and summarize the current state of ICT development of the World and other countries;

4.     Understand the e-development, e-governance, e-commerce, e-learning, and e-services, and to use e-services culturally and appropriately;

5.     Review and evaluate the issues raised in the daily and the learning activities and express own opinions;

6.     Make a conclusion by analyzing and summarizing the statistical data and documents.