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Subject name: COMPUTER GRAPHICS - Back


Topic Content:

CONTENT: ICSI432 is an introduction to Computer Graphics. Students will understand the concepts of 3D graphics, and develop programs that create images of a 3D scene with lighting, using both real-time OpenGL and GLSL programming, as well as offline raytracing. The focus is on foundations and writing your own programs, rather than learning use of a specific software like Maya or Photoshop.

Topics include:

·         Basic concepts of computer graphics, Its major applications, graphics APIs such as OpenGL, GLUT

·         Main program structure

·         Raster and vector graphics

·         Linear algebra and its usage in computer graphics

·         2D and 3D linear transformations

·         Coordinate transformations

·         Viewing

·         Some properties of the Perspective Transform

·         Graphics pipeline

·         3D modeling, Lighting, color and materials

·         Texture, texture mapping,

·         Computer animation

·         Introduction to GPU programming and shading languages.



·         Understand the design issues for creating 2D and raster graphics.

·         Apply rendering techniques to an actual computer graphics problem and associated datasets.

·         Understand and use the object transformations, representations, transformations and perspective projections.

·         Understand color, illumination, and shading techniques.

·         Understand and apply the rendering and rasterization techniques.

·         Develop the application of computer graphics techniques to visualization, animation, and computer aided design.