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Subject name: Artificial Intelligence - Back


Topic Content:

Upon successful completion of this course you should be able to:
•	CLO 1: describe the key components of the artificial intelligence (AI) field and its relation and role in Computer Science;
•	CLO 2: identify and describe artificial intelligence techniques, including search heuristics, knowledge representation, automated planning and agent systems, machine learning, and probabilistic reasoning;
•	CLO 3: identify and apply AI techniques to a wide range of problems, including complex problem solving via search, knowledge-base systems, machine learning, probabilistic models, agent decision making, etc.;
•	CLO 4: design and implement appropriate AI solution machine learning techniques for face recognition, speech recognition, game development, etc.
•	CLO 5: analyze and understand the computational trade-offs involved in applying different AI techniques and models.
•	CLO 6: Communicate clearly and effectively using the technical language of the field correctly.