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Subject name: Information systems project management - Back


Topic Content:

Content: Introduction to Information System Project Management, Project Management Lifecycle, Managing Project Teams, Managing Project Communication, 
Project Initiation and Planning, Managing Project Scope, Managing Project Scheduling, Managing Project Resources, Managing Project Quality, Managing Project Changes, Managing Project Risk, 
Managing Project Procurement, Managing the procurement process, Project Execution, Control & Closure


1.     Understand the Information system project, its scope, needs, and stages of project management of life cycle;

2.     Be able to participate, cooperate, and coordinate with project team and external and internal communications ethically, responsibly;

3.     Acquire the basic knowledge and skills on project initiation and management including identification of the project scope, activity plan, and selection the required resources;

4.     Acquire the basic knowledge and skills on definition, allocation, management, and monitoring the IS project  resources;

5.     Understand the quality management of information system project;

6.     Acquire the basic knowledge and skills on identification, assessment, analysis, and management the information system project risks;

7.     Acquire the knowledge and skills on participation and management of the procurement processes of information system projects;

8.     Acquire the basic knowledge and skills on implementation, monitorinf, documentation, and evaluation information system project activities;

9.     Acquire the basic knowledge and skills on identification and implementation of the change management in the information system project;

10.  Select and use the legislation, standards, policies, and regulatory documents relevant to the specific information system project.