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Topic Content:

Software project management is planning, monitoring and control of software projects. Projects to produce software are worthwhile only if they satisfy real needs and so we will examine how we can identify the stakeholders in a project and their objectives. To Impart the skills needed to the management of software project. Student will learn how to calculate cost and time estimation; Risk management; project planning and project evaluation; monitoring and control project development; various software quality standards.


·         The student should be able to obtain of knowledge of software project management and software project management skills.

·         The student should be able to learn how to implement simple methods of management of software projects

·         The student should be able to describe alternative software project life cycle models and select the correct model for a given software project scenario.

·         The student is able to plan tasks, plan task dependencies, estimate effort, and estimate other needed resources.

·         The student is able to recognize and categorize risks, intellectual property, and legal issues of software projects.

·         The student is able to organize project personnel and has knowledge of personnel management issues.

·         The student  is able to write a full documentation for small software project management