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Subject name: E-COMMERCE - Back


Topic Content:

This course provides an overview of e-commerce from both technological and managerial perspectives. It introduces e-commerce frameworks, and technological foundations. This course is designed to familiarize students with current and emerging electronic commerce technologies using internet. Topics inlcude internet technology for business advantages, managing electronic commerce, business opportunities in electronic commerce, electronic commerce web site design, social, political and ethical issues associated with electronic commerce, business plans for technology ventures, how to scale an e-commerce website and manage e-commerce website load. 

On completion of this course the student should be able to accomplish the following:
•	Explain the components and roles of the Electronic Commerce environment.
•	Explain how businesses sell products and services on the Web.
•	Describe the qualities of an effective Web business presence.
•	Describe E-Commerce payment systems.
•	Explain how to meet the needs of Web site visitors.
•	Identify and reach customers on the Web.
•	Understand Web marketing approaches and elements of branding.
•	Explain the client/server infrastructure that supports electronic commerce.
•	Explain bas