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Subject name: Windows programming - Back


Topic Content:

In this course, students will learn about fundamentals of Windows operating systems, Win32 API, Win32 application, messaging techniques and event handling, Windows application controls, application data between windows and controls, menus, working with graphics devices, files and databases, multi-threaded programming, and programming in C++ and C# in .NET.

•	Memorize Windows operating system and API development
•	Develop applications at operating system level using Win32 API
•	Explain event-driven programming in Windows applications
•	Use Object-Oriented technology in C# covering delegate class, interface etc.
•	Use various windows controls in application GUI
•	Demonstrate use of graphical devices
•	Apply files and object serialization, and XML
•	Implement exception handling and debugging
•	Solve applications that need multi-threading
•	Define custom controls
•	Implement ADO.NET
•	Develop applications in .NET framework