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Topic Content:


Introduction of Computer Network, Introduction of Data Communication; The OSI model; Layers in the OSI model; Network Models; Introduction to Physical Layer; Digital Transmission; Analog Transmission; Bandwidth Utilization: Multiplexing and Spectrum Spreading; Transmission Media; Switching; Error Detection and Correction; Forward Error Correction; Data Link Control, protocols; Transport Layer protocols; Application Layer; Internet Security;

•	Explain the importance of data communications and the Internet in supporting business communications and daily activities.
•	Explain how communication works in data networks and the Internet.
•	Recognize the different internetworking devices and their functions. 
•	Explain the role of protocols in networking. 
•	Analyze the services and features of the various layers of data networks. 
•	Design, calculate, and apply subnet masks and addresses to fulfill networking requirements. 
•	Analyze the features and operations of various application layer protocols such as Http, DNS, and SMTP.