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Subject name: Web programming - Back


Topic Content:

This course will cover client-side HTML5, JavaScript, HTML DOM, AJAX, server-side PHP web programming language and technologies. Students will learn client and server environments, HTTP request and response processing, web programming design, client and server-side development.
•	Develop web pages using PHP and JavaScript
•	Design web application GUI (Graphical User Interface)
•	Develop in front-end and back-end web applications
•	Implement 3-tier web application architecture in web applications
•	Store web application data in client and server side
•	Develop web application using RDBMS
•	Retrieve and manipulate XML and JSON formats between client-server, server-server
•	Parse and markup HTML and XML documents using DOM
•	Process HTTP request and response
•	Generate dynamic web content
•	Develop Single Page Applications via AJAX
•	Configure and administer web servers
•	Study new web technologies