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CONTENT: Machine-level representation of data, digital logic and digital systems, computer architecture and organization, computing infrastructure, introduction to multiprocessing systems, firmware, hardware and software integration, introduction to intersystem communications, enterprise deployment management, introduction to virtual machine emulation, platform technologies. IT professionals will encounter a variety of platforms in their careers. The role of the IT professional is to select, deploy, integrate and administer platforms or components to support the organization’s IT infrastructure. This knowledge area includes the fundamentals of hardware and software and how they integrate to form essential components of IT systems. Study the structure of the computer, work principal and platform technology and how to ensure the operation of the operating system

LEARNING OUTCOME: Apply the knowledge of the internal core of the computer system, the memory, the input and output architecture, the hardware operation, the character algebra, the logic gateway, the standard code encoding and its usage. The course includes topics which are what is platform technology and what is control of functionality operating system so studen