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Topic Content:

Systems Analysis Fundamentals, Development of Information System, System Project (Planning and control using Pert Diagram, Critical Path Method, Gantt Chart etc.,), The Systems Development Life Cycle, The Systems Analysis (Business Processes and Business Process Re-Engineering, Information Requirements Analysis, Requirement Analysis, Depicting systems graphically, Data Flow Analysis, The Data Dictionary, Process Analysis, Structured Decision etc.,), System Design (Designing Effective Inputs and Outputs, Output Design, Input Design, Screen Design, Report Design, Web Design, Database Design, User Interface Design, Designing Accurate Data-Entry Procedures: System Development (Prgram Design and Coding), System Testing, System Implementation.


Acquire the general knowledge, skills, and practices required for following activities:

  1.     Understand and use technical documentation of analysis and design of the IS project;

  2.     Define the required information systems by analyzing business processes and their environment;

  3.     Analyze and design an information system according to the its requirement definition;

  4.     Develop system according to the system design;

  5.     Develop test cases, test scenarios, and testing plan and participate in the system testing;

  6.     Participate in implementation of the system;

Develop analysis and design documentation of information systems for small-scale enterprises