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Subject name: Visual programming - Back


Topic Content:

This course will cover Windows application architecture, .NET framework, programming in C# to develop Windows applications, user and custom controls, dialog boxes, windows and views, data binding controls, application settings and data resources, and application deployment process and configuration.

•	Use programming language C# for Windows applications
•	Understand the fundamentals of Windows Forms architecture
•	Use of Integrated Development Enterprise tool Visual Studio
•	Develop professional class Windows applications 
•	Use Graphical User Interface (GUI) controls provided by Windows Forms
•	Implement dialogs, menus, toolbars and status bars 
•	Use advanced controls, such as tree views, splitters and tabbed dialogs
•	Understand the use of application resources and application settings in Windows Forms applications
•	Implement data access using ADO.NET and binding of controls 
•	Explain of custom controls and their data binding
•	Explain Windows application deployment