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Subject name: DATA STRUCTURE - Back


Topic Content:

CONTENT: Students are introduced to classic data structures and implement them to get understanding of their structure, idea and efficiency. Algorithm efficiency and some algorithms are covered to help students to identify the best algorithms for a given task.
Understanding of the data structures and algorithms covered in this course is solidified through their applications which students implement in games or as a part of other algorithms. 
Data structures and algorithmic topics covered are:
?	Container data structures: list, queue and stack
?	Search data structures and trees: Complete binary tree, heap, binary search tree, hash and AVL tree.
?	Sorting techniques: insertion, selection, bubble, radix and shell sorts, quicksort and mergesort
?	Combinatorial search: backtrack and recursive methods
?	Graph topics: graph representation, depth first search, breadth first search and shortest path algorithms
?	String search: KMP and Boyer-Moore’s algorithm

?	Differentiate different algorithms depending on their efficiency 
?	Analyze data and choose appropriate data structure for a task
?	Determine the time and space complexity of algorithms and data structures
?	Deeper understanding about today’s