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Subject name: Fundamentals of Internet Technology - Back


Topic Content:

This course will give broad knowledge of cover of internet and WWW (world wide web) environment , HTML, CSS, XML, JAVASCRIPT, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, RESPONSIVE DESIGN web programming language, technologies and techniques. Students will get broad client-side environments, web design principles and client-side development. 
•	Getting familiar with HTML4 and HTML5 tags and syntaxes
•	Knowledge of web site architecture
•	Developing web content using HTML tags and techniques
•	Using CSS3 and CSS2 selectors to design web pages
•	Developing web pages using HTML and CSS
•	Work with hosting environment using CPanel
•	Building web layout using HTML and CSS in table or responsive way.
•	Getting knowledge of “Content Management System”, specially familiar with Wordpress open source CMS.
•	Learning fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization 
•	Developing and implementing simple Javascript client side programming
•	Parse and markup HTML and XML documents using DOM
•	Study new web technologies