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CONTENT: This course is an introduction to database concepts and the general skills for designing and using databases, with a focus on relational database concepts and techniques, query languages and standards, functional dependencies and normalization and operations in SQL. Current industry developments of database systems such as PostgreSQL, MySQL and MS SQL Server Express databases will be introduced.

•	Interpret and explain the basic concepts of the relational model and understand its mathematical foundation.
•	Apply SQL language to define, query and manipulate a relational database.
•	Install, configure, and interact with a relational database management system.
•	Learn and apply Structured Query Language (SQL) for database definition and manipulation.
•	Apply conceptual database modelling methods such as entity-relationship model to design a relational database. Learn to work with 1:1, 1:M, and M:M database tables.
•	Research, justify and apply database design methods on functional dependencies and normal forms to evaluate the quality of a relational database design.
•	Interpret and discuss query processing and optimisation, transaction and security management in a relational database mana