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CONTENT: C released in 1973 but still at the center of it all. This course covers the anatomy of C, from data types, strings and variables to simple functions. Plus, learn how C organizes information into arrays and how you can manage memory resources with pointers. C is a great first step for new programmers, and a way to broaden and deepen your knowledge if you've already programmed for a while. Topics include:
•	Understanding a C program
•	Adding comments
•	Using escape characters
•	Working with values and placeholders
•	Introducing variables
•	Making a decision with if
•	Looping
•	Adding functions
•	Manipulating strings
•	Building arrays
•	Nesting structures
•	Working with functions
•	Working with files
•	Including files and executing macros with the C preprocessor
•	Understanding best coding practices 

 LEARNING OUTCOME: • Describe the basic terminology used in computer programming • Write, compile, debug and implement programs in C language. • Use different data types in a computer program. • Design programs involving decision structures, loops and functions. • Explain the difference between call by value and call by reference • Understand the dynamics of memory by the use of pointers. • Use di