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Topic Content:

CONTENT: Students will have the knowledge of the evolution of intercommunication technology, basic concepts, social responsibility, and e-services from this course. Analysis the basic concepts of the information system and the species, the basic components of the computer system, which is the hardware and software, the basic operating principles of the computer and a way to visualize data in a computer. Apply knowledge of operating system’s management applications; learn how to calculate system configuration and system performance and reliability. Get the knowledge of software types, their purpose, components, operating system functions, work with Windows operating systems, and the use of antivirus programs, their types, and their use of the system for research and usage. Students will discuss computer network basic components, hardware, how to work with the local network, Internet services, email, search engines, Internet and web environments and share information on the computer network. 

LEARNING OUTCOME: By studying this course, the student will have the following knowledge and abilities. These include: 

Discover the basic concepts of information and communication technology. 

Analysis the internal system of the